Blockchain & Crypto

The future begins when the present is understood.

Blockchain is changing the way the world works, but it’s also a new buzzword… blockchain is not meant to fix all problems, and it’s not meant to replace all databases. We know blockchain, crypto, and it’s usecases… becuase we use it. We can help your organization properly understand, and apply this technology to drive your transformation into the future. Below are a few blockchain projects we are working on:


Our blockchain solution for our Prometheus National Human Resource System (NHRS)TM. Meant to tackle the future social economic realities by removing the middleman, and providing the laborer with the full value of their labor. LABRcoinTM will be a dynamically hedging currency that will maintain value in relation to the cost of living.


A sidechain for LABRTM, DOCTRTM will remove the unethical, unsustainable, and unnecessary medical insurance providers from medical services. DOCTRTM will also provide immutable, consumer owned medical records, and provide real time medical record access authorization, FSA integration, and many other features.


Decentralized, immutable, independant, and people driven news, historical archives, and information… we think we’ve all have had enough history from the “victors”, and news from the unethically bias, and profit driven media. There is a difference between making a living, and gavaging oneself on profit.


Our solution for the title, and mortgage settlement industry. Immutable title records, title company validity verification, title company performance history, and secure transfer/escrow services.


POSTALLTM will be a affordable people driven, and monetized postal service. Mail by the people, for the people. It’s time we take essential services into our own hands.


Facilitating safe adult encounters. Upon user authorization via DOCTRTM, the LOVR Dapp will validate if the interested parties are safe to date each other.