makes the dream work! We are dedicated to our community.

Our primary goal and mission is to provide innovative and game changing technology solutions and strategic direction to small businesses and non-profits. By providing small businesses and non-profits with guidance, education and operationalization support of technology and methodology, at a greatly reduced cost, we are able to provide them with a competitive edge that would normally be out of their grasp. We believe that in today’s social-economic reality, we need to give back to our community, and help ensure that economic growth and value find their way to small family owned businesses and non-profits that work tirelessly to protect others and improve the general well-being of our society. To quote our sister organization, “the future is artisan”, e.g. the future is small businesses working with their consumer in order to guarantee mutual benefit.

“Buy – Support – Be Artisan” The Order of the Artisans, www.orderoftheartisans.org